HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Directed by Casey Tebo & Staring Steven Tyler

On September 9, you'll be able to see the debut feature film from a roadie turned director who die-hard Aerosmith fans have seen more of his earlier work than most. In 2006 Casey Tebo was just an eager videographer, taping behind the scenes, in the studio, and on tour, he then moved up to designing and directing the live shows, creating short films and videos for the concert screens. "My first real job was a cartoon that comic book artist Clay McCormack and I did that played before the shows. It was really cool, the band chasing down the devil, old school 70s animation, and I remember being on stage with the band watching it and being so nervous I could puke." says Tebo.

After a few years it only took one big leap to get to the big stage when Joe Perry asked him to direct the "Legendary Child" video for GI JOE: RETALIATION. Since then, Tebo went on to direct and edit the touching "Rock for The Rising Sun" though he says he can't take sole credit for that achievement. "Don't let anyone tell you that was my film, Johnny B and I did that together, let's give credit where credit is due!" - In 2015 Tebo worked closely with Perry and Tyler again, for the ESPN e:60 segment that won them their first Emmy Award. "All of that worked helped me get HAPPY BIRTHDAY made, absolutely...and when I called Steven to see if I could sleep on his couch in LA while making it, and he said "only if I can be in it!" - so his role was born." Tebo explains. "The band has always lived by the motto of taking huge chances, and if you fall on your face doing it, then at least you tried'. - I still use that motto to this day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY will be released via Orion/eOne in select cities and on demand on September 9. And if you're wondering if there's any Aerosmith music in the film? "Of course!" says Tebo, "You'll just have to see the film to find out which song".