Uncharted Waters! John B's News From The Road

Uncharted Waters!

Santa Barbara: Talk about an iconic venue. The Santa Barbara Bowl was built in 1936 and has 4,562 seats. Not one of them were used however on this beautiful Southern California Summer night. The very vocal sold out crowd were on their feet from the minute the band’s monotone announcer screamed AEROSMITH to the fading voice of one Muddy Waters. Movin’ Out and Walkin’ the Dog were in the set and the Blue Army tour continued to gain momentum. On a side note this joint was unchartered territory for the band. It’s hard to believe they have never played here. Being so close to LA (about 2hrs without traffic) it brought out a ton of friends and family of both the band and crew. One very noticeable face was that of old friend and famed record producer Rick Rubin, who you might remember collaborated with the guys on a little ditty called “Walk this Way” with Run DMC that was on their 1986 album “Raising Hell”. 

Next up was another town that was yet to be played by Aerosmith. The quaint town of Salinas, Ca. Salinas is about an hour and change away from SF and this time Salinas avoided the No Cal jinx. Seasons of Wither made it’s tour debut and also making his debut on12 string acoustic guitar was Steven. The Demon pulled it off with flying colors.

The guys continued the tour to the Great White North basing in Vancouver and playing Kelowna BC and Victoria BC. Again both cities Aerosmith have never played. As you guys know 3 of Aerosmith’s most successful albums were recorded at Little Mountain Studios in Vancouver so it felt like a home away from home for all 5 guys. The guys enjoyed a band dinner at Tojo’s restaurant. They have known Tojo since 1986 and always make the trek out to see him at least once a visit. For Joe and Joey it was twice. The guys also took advantage of the shopping there at Granville Island Public Market and the Gas Town district.

Tom hired a sea plane and buzzed around Vancouver and Victoria for an afternoon. 

The Japanese charter of Aero Force One was out in full force at the Kelowna and Victoria shows. It’s always great seeing them in North America. Arigato!

Like I said the band has never played on Victoria Island but Steven and Joe have vacationed there together with their families in the early 90’s and Joe shared the stage with Motley Crue in 2010 so it was great for those guys to come back and visit even if for only 1 night.

As I write this, the guys are enjoying a non show day in Edmonton. Next up is Fort McMurray! The guys haven’t been to “The Mac” before and it will be the furthest North they have played since 1998 when they played at Sullivan Arena in Anchorage. The show ended with a thump when Steven’s mic stand met Steven’s knee at the end of Mama Kin putting his knee and the band on ice for a bit.  

I had the pleasure to sit down and interview Brad last week in Vancouver and discuss a bunch of different topics. Be on the lookout for that on the band’s web site Aerosmith.com very soon.

Next week the boy’s head back to the States and continue the “Blue Army Unchartered Waters Tour”. Cheyenne WY, Minot, SD, Ridgefield, WA and Cucamonga, All Aboard!

Employee of Week honors goes to:

Phil “Slow Ride” Nudelman! Phil is enjoying his maiden voyage on the good ship Aero and doing a great job. Phil is the band’s video director and puts in long hours perfecting what you see live on the video screens. Rumor has it that Phil enjoyed a short stint in the 70’s band “Foghat”. Phil stay in the band was in the late 80’s and the band continues to tour to this day unfortunately for them and fortunately for us without the “Nudelmeister”.

See you on the Road!

John B.