AeroHistory: Done With Mirrors

November 4, 1985 Aerosmith releases their the eighth studio album 'Done With Mirrors'. The release marked the return of Joe Perry, who had left the group in 1979, and Brad Whitford, who had left the band in 1981.

In keeping with the title, all the text on the original releases of the album was written back-to-front, and could be read normally by holding it up to a mirror.

Critically 'Permanent Vacation' is often looked at as the beginning of their comeback, but 'Done With Mirrors' plays a pivotal roll in the Aerosmith story.

Songs include:

1. "Let the Music Do the Talking"
2. "My Fist Your Face"
3. "Shame on You"
4. "The Reason a Dog"
5. "Shela"
6. "Gypsy Boots"
7. "She's on Fire"
8. "The Hop"
9. "Darkness"