AeroHistory: Rock in a Hard Place

AeroHistory: August 1st, 1982 - Aerosmith releases the seventh studio album 'Rock in a Hard Place'. It is the only Aerosmith album not to feature lead guitarist Joe Perry, following his departure from the band in 1979. Rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford also left during the recording in 1981. 

Songs off 'Rock in a Hard Place' include: 

1. "Jailbait"    
2. "Lightning Strikes"    
3. "Bitch's Brew"    
4. "Bolivian Ragamuffin"
5. "Cry Me a River"
6. "Prelude to Joanie"
7. "Joanie's Butterfly"
8. "Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)"    
9. "Jig Is Up"
10. "Push Comes to Shove"