Joey Kramer on surviving and thriving with Aerosmith

Drum titan on five decades of hard rocking and iconic band’s farewell tour

Gettin' clean

How important was getting clean to the comeback?

“We came back with Permanent Vacation, that was the real comeback record. A lot of people think Done With Mirrors was the comeback, but Done With Mirrors was, in my opinion, not finished. It was an incomplete record. When we did Permanent Vacation that was our comeback. That was the announcement that we were back and the proof was in the songs on those records. From there we did Pump and Get A Grip and they were our three highest-selling records of our career.”

Did getting sober bring a new mindset to the band?

“Yeah. I’ve been playing drums for a very long time and I like to think that I get a little bit better and a little bit more seasoned all of the time. I don’t consider myself to be the greatest drummer in the world but I like to think that it works in the context of what I do in this band. This is like any other band, it’s five pieces that work together according to the chemistry between the five of us. It’s like having five slices of blueberry pie. You can’t take one slice out and replace it with a slice of apple pie; it just doesn’t work.”

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Photo by: Zack Whitford